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Terms and Conditions


The sailing and on water activities (the "Activity") involve water sports and related activities where there are inherent risks from the water environment and equipment to the participant ("the participant") and their property. Jaguar Land Rover Limited and the sailing venue ("we"/"our"/"us") place great importance on participant safety so it is of vital importance that you (for you and the participant) and we have agreed as follows.

  • 1 Pre-conditions to your participation in the Activity
  • a) This Activity is for children aged between 8-16 years old. If you are the parent, or hold parental responsibility for the participant, we ask that you consent to the participant taking part in the Activity; and consent to their images being taken or footage captured for publicity.
  • b) In order to participate in the Activity, you must confirm that the participant meets any requirement to participate.
  • 2 By signing this form you confirm and agree for you and the participant:
  • a) That the participant is between the ages of 8-16 years old.
  • b) That you are the parent or hold parental responsibility for the child.
  • c) You consent to the participant taking part in the Activity, as described within this Disclaimer document.
  • d) You consent to the participant's image being taken or filmed, and/or footage of the participant taken, which shall be used for publicity purposes. You further assign all copyright owned in this footage to Jaguar Land Rover Limited its affiliated or associated companies and the sailing venue to use, edit, alter, reproduce, publish and/or distribute as we see fit, including for promotional, marketing and PR purposes.
  • e) To become a temporary member of the club for the day of the event
  • 3 Participant's physical condition:
  • a) The Activity involves inevitable exposure to physical risks, and demands that the participant is in good physical condition which you confirm fully on the participant's behalf. You are aware that participation in water sports may involve strenuous activity and that the participant is fit enough to take part and can swim up to 50 metres.
  • b) You agree that the participant is not currently suffering from any physical or mental condition which may restrict or impair their ability to participate in the Activity and of which you have not informed us.
  • c) You confirm that the participant does not have any medical conditions that may restrict or affect participation in the activities. Otherwise, you understand that you must not allow the participant to take part in the Activity.
  • d) You confirm that it is your responsibility to advise us of any allergies that the participant may have to medicines, food, insect bites
  • e) You authorise us and/or any other organisers to administer relevant treatment or medication to the participant, where necessary.
  • f) You authorise us and/or any organisers to take the participant to hospital should they need to with full permission for treatment and to disclose any details that you and/or we and/or the organisers may have. We shall of course seek your presence and on the spot assistance where practicable.
  • 4 Your obligations
  • You and the participant agree that, whilst participating in the Activity:
  • a) the participant will at all times follow all lawful instructions and any other relevant rules notified to them;
  • b) the participant will not, at any time, act in a manner which is contrary to the co-operative and mutually beneficial nature of the Activity or in any manner denigrating or defaming us or our products;
  • c) the participant will, at all times, exercise the necessary skill, care and attention required to carry out the Activity.
  • d) you understand that is a water based activity and can be dangerous and you agree that the participant will comply at all times to instructions, wearing buoyancy aid and suitable clothing, and the rules in the centre or club's (at the venue) health and safety policy.
  • e) you understand that organisers may exclude anyone from an activity who fails to comply to the centre or club's health and safety policy.
  • f) you understand that the venue is not liable for loss or damage of property, personal injury or death, except where caused by their negligence or breach of statutory duty.
  • g) you will notify the Land Rover BAR Roadshow events team of any change to the information given on this Disclaimer document.
  • 5 Our rights
  • a) We may, at our sole discretion and at any time terminate the Activity in the interests of safety or otherwise for circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  • a) Safety is a top priority but you acknowledge that the Activity involves sailing and other on water activities and where there are inherent risks of damage to both the named participant and their property. By participating in the Activity you agree that, save as set out in part (b) of this clause below, the participant is responsible to maintain their own safety and that of others and of property by their own actions or conduct.
  • b) We will be liable for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or through our breach of statutory duty.
  • c) Save as set out above in this clause 5 we shall not be liable to you, or the participant, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any direct loss or damage including financial loss, or loss of contracts or goodwill or for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage.

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